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Facebook is an internet based social networking site that allows one to connect to people in one’s life. Simply by registering with the site users can create user profile, add other friends, exchange messages with them, share photos, life events and post statuses, receive notifications when others post something and even share videos. Users also have the option of joining various interest groups organised by friends and workplaces, colleges, and may also categorise the friends under various lists. Launched by Mark Zuckerberg, facebook now has around 2 billion users. facebook is the best online platform to communicate with friends publicly or privately by utilising the chat feature. Businesses make extensive use of facebook timeline to accomplish the goals. The ‘Like’ button is the social networking feature that allows users to express their appreciation of content such as photos, comments, status updates, advertisements. It also acts as the social plug-in of Facebook. It is hard to overstate the need of facebook. From new start-ups to the local store every type of business may benefit from facebook with heightened brand awareness, increased sales for it offers the greatest marketing campaign.

Facebook: the Platform for Advertising

Marketing, today, is the broad term. Marketing is the broadest umbrella that carries fields like direct sales, public relations and advertising. For making a business successful it is crucial to manufacture best products and then marketing them well. Facebook is the most affordable marketing tactic that can skyrocket the sales. Without sales, company will perish. With the social networking site people can come to know about the existing business and can get converted into customers from simple visitors. With facebook marketing one get facebook likes as well. Company can also buy facebook likes in this case. If consumers get attracted towards the marketed product then online sales will rise in no time. The online advertising platform starts sending website traffic when potential consumers access the website within minutes of the start of the campaign. With facebook marketing businesses can keep a track over which campaigns are shooting up sales. It is possible to reach out to the masses and market the products successfully.

Marketing products by creation of compelling contents

As the business posts photos and updates about the products, it can buy facebook likes in order to make them more compelling. A product having more and more like is generally the one which inspires and interests the masses. It can create a sense of excitement among the users and they will tend to become more responsive. A liked product or service clearly reveals that the service is authentic and cares for the mass. This can in turn help in building trust and making emotional connection with customers.

Today facebook is the most authentic way to reach out to the masses. When the facebook post gets more engagement, more likes, businesses must try to bring in more and more people, for the friends of those who ‘like’ the post or ‘share’ the post are even eligible to read the news feed or notification.


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